As a great movie once taught us, “It’s not who you are underneath, it’s what you do that defines you.” A valuable piece of information that Steve Jobs knew long before Batman Begins was ever released in 2005. The Co-founder of Apple did not let his life struggles define who he was he branded his name with his actions. Not only did he let these hard times bring him down but his career was made of rising out of his personal trials and tribulations to present the world with groundbreaking greatness.

With college being too expensive for him and his lower-middle-class family Jobs dropped out and returned to Silicon Valley where he partnered with his long time friend Stephen Wozniak and developed the Apple Computer company.

In the confines of Apple he turned his troubles into success. After being kicked off the Lisa project he took over a small project in the company called Macintosh. Two years later he changed the world with the Macintosh computer and its revolutionary interface technology.

In 1985 Steve was kicked out of Apple, the company that was his life, by its board of directors, a blow that would destroy most people. Yet he didn’t hesitate to turn around and start the NeXT Company, which aimed to develop a computer for higher education and research. This project ended up being the stepping stool that brought him back to Apple. In 1996 Apple bought out NeXT and Steve became the CEO of the company that threw him out.  (Oh yeah, in this period he also invested in a company called Pixar and made it what it is today)

Without looking back at the personal pain he experienced from Apple, he turned it around and over the next 15 years turned it into one of the most successful companies in the world. Things were going well for a long time but life would come back to test Jobs again in 2003 when he was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer.

A poor upbringing couldn’t stop him, constant betrayal from the company he founded and the people he trusted couldn’t stop him and amazingly neither could cancer. In 2003, whle fighting through his cancer, Jobs and Apple released the iTunes Music Store and iTunes for Windows. He followed that up in 2004 with the release of the iPod mini.

His cancer and a liver transplant in 2009 could not slow him down as he released the revolutionary iPad.

Steve Jobs never quit, he never let any struggles stop or even slow him down. His life is a monument to letting our actions define us and not our personal struggles.

In the darkness of his sad passing, we should look forward to what actions we can take to make our surrounding better….it’s what Steve would do.