Might as well face it… 

Have we become too addicted to technology?

Companies are constantly finding ways to connect us to more and quicker.  Their supply of technology is met with insatiable demand. The future of business, actually the present already, is on the internet. Offline marketing is being taken over byInternet Marketing, we have online financial consulting, online doctors and MUCH more. These are profitable services that help and will continue to help people. 

Children have worlds of information, updated to the second, at their fingertips. I remember, as a child, having to use whatever version of the encyclopedia we had at home or at school. I remember, in the mid-90’s looking in a textbook (that’s right readers, those ANCIENT things called books) and seeing USSRon the map. That was a good 7 years after it had already switched to Russia. Today wikipedia lets you know when someone dies with-in minutes of it breaking on the news. 

So I ask; have we become too addicted to technology?

As someone who works online all day, uses Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Skype (I could go on forever), I have to say, most definitely and obviously YES.

Sometimes, I ask myself what we are thinking!? 

People today are losing out on so many critical experiences, thanks to technology.  How many kids will know what its like to open a record or CD (or whichever musical recording device you prefer) and listen to it while lying on the bed reading the album cover, trying to memorize the words? No thanks, today they have I-tunes and other downloading sites. How many will enjoy the smell of a fresh book and realizing by the end of the 5th time reading it they have killed the binding? Not too many, today we download them to our computers or even phones. 

Today I see children walking around with cell phones (as you can see the numbers are sky-rocketing) or at home on the latest gaming system. Toddlers playing on computers (granted the computers are special for toddlers). What happened to playing outside with your friends or building block for babies? 

The most recognizable wars going on today are between Google andChina, Google and Twitter, Google and Yahoo (if you notice, Google is the big player here, that post is coming soon), Twitter and Facebook. Who cares aboutIran,Afghanistan, Darfur or theMideastanymore? The real question is who is going to put out the best smart phone, search engine, or status update (God forbid we don’t know about Oprah’s latest thought or Ashton’s latest move).

Let’s not forget the dangers of overexposure to technology (both medically and socially). As we have seen in the Chinavs. Google battle, our privacy can be violated if the right people hack their way into “secure” sites. Check out these scary statistics on behavior and testing among common video game users.   

Medically speaking studies have shown higher possibilities for tumors, cancers etc. for this new generation so heavily relying on technology.   

I read a great article about managing our attention. The author quotes studies that technology use pushes us to multi –task so much and that lowers the quality of our work and causes us to move slower. The more we attempt to multi-task the worse we get (not better).        

Please don’t misunderstand; I totally support technology and its growth. However, I fear that we are depriving ourselves of reality. Some of these things have been bothering me for a long time but one pathetic event forced me to express it in words.

Read and literally weep; if that is not enough you can watch the youtube video.       

If, after seeing that, you don’t understand what I mean when I say depriving ourselves from reality, than you are already too deeply connected.

Thanks for reading!